Regional Industrial Sites

The Southeast Missouri Region is located in the eastern Ozarks area of Missouri. The Region's northern edge lies approximately 40 miles south of the City of St. Louis. The southern edge of the Region is approximately 160 miles north of Memphis, Tennessee. Southeast Missouri is midway between the established northeastern manufacturing belt and the growing southern and western areas of the nation. The following links will connect you to industrial sites or parks that have available acreage for location or expansion of new industries within the Southeast Missouri Counties of Bollinger, Cape Girardeau, Iron, Madison, Perry, St. Francois, and Ste. Genevieve. Individual data sheets on each industrial site are available by simply clicking on the community that interests you. The data sheets on each industrial site include the available acreage, maps showing the site location, current land use and zoning, enterprise zone status, highway and rail access, along with the river port and airport availability. Also included is information on electrical service and capacity, natural gas, water and sewer service. Contact person information is also included.

You can also visit Location One's website to view information about available sites in the Southeast Missouri region:

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