Mapping and Geographic Information Systems

Computer Aided Drafting and GIS

The Commission’s graphics staff has completed base maps for all the communities and counties in the seven-county Region.  These maps are updated periodically as a part of the membership dues.  In addition, special maps or other graphics (industrial site, parks, utility, zoning, etc.) can be created upon request and by special contract.  Many of the community maps have been digitized in order to be used with the CAD system.  In addition, the Commission has recently initiated a GIS program to tie the maps to data as requested by the local entity.

Visit the regional GIS data repository at

Southeast Missouri GIS Symposium

Registration will be open soon for the 2017 Southeast Missouri GIS Symposium being held Wednesday, September 20 at the Cape Girardeau Career & Technology Center. Seating is limited, so register early.

Joint Aerial Photography

Periodically, the Commission’s staff works with aerial photography companies to conduct aerial photography of the Region.  While the Commission does not have the photography flown for the entire area, individual counties, communities, school districts, colleges/universities, health care facilities, industrial site/park owners and others are invited to have photography done.  Because only one or two flights are necessary, rather than individual flights for each entity, the savings have been extensive.  Also, many entities have opted to have the photography done, then “canned” for later use, thereby delaying the need to pay for developing the film.

Aerial Imagery Available

The State of Missouri, in partnership with the USGS, has flown 2 foot resolution ortho photography for the eastern part of the state. These images are available for download as USGS quadrangles from the MSDIS website.




All of these images are in a Mr. Sid format and can be viewed with a free viewer from Lizard Tech.

Lizard Tech



GIS User Group Meetings

The next GIS User Group meeting is to be announced.

If you have a topic you would like addressed at a future meeting please contact us.